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Holy shit dude you did a fantastic job with your Galo Sengen video I had a smile on my face the entire time watching it. :)

A question by beelzebubster

Dude thanks again for letting me base it off your idea, shit was so much fun to make. I’m glad you liked it :D

word around tumblr is that you find skeletons rad as hell. i my self find skeletons to be pretty rad as well. perhaps some day we could get to ether and bask in skeletons awesomeness together.

A question by darkwraithdan

Hell yeah motherfucker

Hey Abyss! Do you know whether we need the ashen mist heart to access the dlc? There are conflicting opinions on the internets. Than yee

A question by inlocoparenttits

Pretty sure you don’t need the Ashen Mist Heart just the Dragon Talon once the DLC drops :D